David L. Brown

David L. Brown Productions
274 Santa Clara St., Brisbane, CA 94005
Tel (415)468-7469
email: docmaker1@ aol.com


  • City College of San Francisco (1997-2012), "Documentary Filmmaking" (30 semesters) and "The Documentary Tradition" (one semester).
  • UC Berkeley Extension (2004-2012), "Digital Filmmaking" (10 semesters).
  • San Francisco Film Society 2008 - 2012. "Producing and Directing Documentaries" (10 classes).
  • Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA.  2001-2003. "Social Issue Film"(one semester), "American Ethnic Cultures in Film" (one semester),  "American Film"(one semester).
  • Film Arts Foundation, 1986-2008. Documentary Filmmaking (1 class, 2007);
    Seminars/ courses/ workshops have included: the 8-part "History of Documentary"
    (5 classes-2003-06); "The Digital Video Revolution for the Documentarian" (presented with BAVC); "Production Management;" "Hi8 Video Production;" "Fundraising for Film and Video;" and the 6-part "Documentary Producers' Workshop," which included: "Political Documentaries for Television and Social Change;" "The Narrative Documentary;" "Directing and Shooting Documentaries;" "The Historical Documentary and Cinema Verite;" "Directing and Editing Documentaries;"
    and "Writing and Distributing Documentaries."
  • City of Brisbane Parks and Rec. Dept.  2004. "Introductory Filmmaking for Teens".

Guest Filmmaker/Lecturer

  • City College of San Francisco Department of Film; Yasha Aginsky, Instructor, 1995, 1996.
  • Claremont McKenna College; Michael Riley, Professor.  1994.
  • Pitzer College; Mark Freeman, Associate Professor, 1995.
  • University of California, Berkeley Department of Anthropology; Thor Anderson, Instructor, 1996.
  • San Francisco State University Department of Broadcasting; Ron Compesi, Professor, Department Chair.
  • San Francisco State University Department of Cinema; Jameson Goldner, Professor.  1985.

Graduate Film Equipment Coordinator, Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • San Francisco State University Department of Cinema; Karen Holmes, Graduate Cinema Department Coordinator, 1977-82.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant.  San Francisco State University Department of Broadcasting. Ron Compesi, Professor, Department Chair, 1983-84.


  • Gail Silva, Director, Film Arts Foundation (1982-2008).
    (415) 861-6039.
  • Lidia Szajko, Chair, Film Department, City College of S.F.  
    (415) 239-3651.
  • Michael Behrens, Director of Education, San Francisco Film Society
    (415) 561-5048.